Hiring the Right Band or Musician for Your Event

Hiring a band or solo performer is a sure-fire way to liven up your event or party. A live performance from a talented musician or band can certainly inject some fun or sophistication into your event.

However, with so many different types of live performers to choose from, it can be tricky to decide which live act would suit your particular event the best.

To help make the decision all the easier, we’ve outlined some of the most popular types of live performers and which kind of event they may be best suited too.

Acoustic bands

If you want to create a relaxed atmosphere at your event but add a touch of class and sophistication, an acoustic act could be ideal for your event.

Acoustic bands are great for sit down meals as they typically provide mellow background music to proceedings, yet should still allow your guests to talk to each other with ease.

Big bands and jazz orchestras

Typically better suited to larger events, these types of performers will certainly have an impact on your attendees.

With jazz, swing and classical outfits available, big bands are sure to impress all of your guests. Big bands usually consist of at least 12 members so ensure that your venue has plenty of space for them to perform.

Cover bands

If you want to entice your guests into hitting the dancefloor, why not consider hiring a cover band?

A cover band can perform songs from a range of artists and are often hired as entertainment for birthday parties and weddings. Cover bands commonly specialise at playing a particular genre or music from a specific era.

If you can find a cover band that is happy to take song requests, you’ll be able to tweak their playlists so that none of your favourite songs are missed.

Function and party bands

These bands are able to help get your party started, function and party bands are similar to cover bands; however, you may find that they have some of their own original material to perform alongside more renowned hits.

This makes them ideal to hire for wedding receptions and private parties.

Jazz bands

If you are organising a sophisticated event, then you may want to pick music that fits in with the atmosphere that you are trying to create. A jazz band is versatile and unique and can create a real glamourous and impressive atmosphere that is perfect for a sit-down dinner, award ceremony or cocktail reception.

Tribute act

A tribute act reproduces the songs and live performance of a renowned band or artist. They often do so while wearing authentic costumes and playing the same instruments used by the original members in the original act.

For those musical icons who have called it a day or sadly left us, a tribute band offers the closest alternative to travelling back in time to see the original act.

Perhaps you’re looking to hire a band for a party but do not have the budget to book one of your favourite artists to play. If so, a tribute band may represent a more viable option to create a truly special event.

Original artist

Another option is to support an upcoming local artist and book them to play at your event. Villages, towns, and cities across the country are full of talented musicians waiting for opportunities to showcase their songs to new audiences.

Treat your guests to a live performance from talented local musicians and let them hear something new.

When selecting a band to hire, ensure that their style of music is a good fit for your event by listening to the band (ideally live) before you proceed with booking them. That way, you can rest assured that you have chosen an ideal performer for your event.

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