LIVE REVIEW: Youth Club – Bodega, Nottingham

Essex boys Youth Club shine bright at Lace Market’s Bodega

Tropical pop quartet Youth Club kicked off their first UK headline tour in style, shimmering in the purple hue of Nottingham’s Bodega lights.

The band from Southend-on-Sea in Essex, composited of Gerry, Rees and brothers Joe and Danny launched in 2013.

Selling out venues all over the South, including Camden’s KOKO and being playlisted on BBC Radio 1 for their newest double single ‘Pressure/DTLA’, the band have taken to the road to celebrate the release with fans all across the UK.

The Bodega crowd was modest, but they made up for it with sheer noise.

The assembled throng chanted the lyrics of the band’s biggest singles such as, ‘People’, ‘Breathe’ and their newest release ‘Pressure’ word for word, without hesitation.

Without hesitation is also the best way Youth Club’s whole performance can be described.

Like a hype man conducts a dancehall crowd, Youth Club would not allow the movement to stop in the room.

No chatting, just good music all night.

Each member acted as front man in their own right.

The energy of their performance pulsated from the stage as if every pound of each member’s foot had shaken the audience into living.

Grooving bass, stomping drums, tight picked guitar passages and to top it all off, glistening vocals.

This is what makes Youth Club the exciting new British band.

They are on tour throughout February and March across the United Kingdom.

So see for yourself.

All information on future Youth Club shows can be found at: