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There are many monetary costs associated with being a musician, and finding an affordable rehearsal space is certainly one of them.

It can be hard to find a well-located, spacious practice room with a quality backline that doesn’t have to break your band’s collective bank each time your rehearse. Particularly with inner-city rehearsal spaces often attracting premium rates.

I am a strong believer that playing with the same gear in the rehearsal studio as you do live will only strengthen your performance at gigs/concerts. Playing with consistent equipment will ensure that you feel comfortable in your performance. Furthermore, the rehearsal room provides an opportunity to perfect the tone and settings that you will use on stage.

Your time spent in the rehearsal room should be used to perfect your live shows and ensure each song is played flawlessly when you get up on stage.

If it is difficult to bring your own equipment to rehearsals then it’s vital for your practice room to offer good deals on equipment rental, which is similar to your own. For instance, if you usually play with a Marshall JCM half stack live, a small Behringer practice amp will not cut the mustard.

In short, here’s what you should look for searching for a rehearsal space:

  • Good location for ALL band members. Often this can be tricky one particularly for bands whose members live or work in different areas. Therefore try to pick a mutually convenient location and then search within that area.
  • Appropriate sized room. If your band or group consists of a large number of members, you will each require (physical) space in order to be comfortable while learning and performing songs.
  • Good backline. As mentioned previously, a good backline will not only enhance how your songs sound it is also likely to improve how you play together as a group. A high quality PA system and room treatment is vital for choosing your next rehearsal space.
  • Deals. While a great number of rehearsal studios charge a flat hourly fee for rental, others adopt a pricing strategy that favours bands looking for longer sessions or available to rehearsal at off-peak hours.

It’s now easier than ever to find a new rehearsal space for your band or group. Musician Go allows you to search musician classifieds, musical instrument stores, instrument repairers, recording studios and rehearsal spaces using our powerful and comprehensive search functionality.

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