Tracks in the Field: NAO – Fool To Love

Fool To Love (Little Tokyo Recordings) – NAO

Annie Mac’s new Hottest Record in the World is the only compliment that can befit NAO’s glitch hop inspired pop nugget, Fool To Love.

The would be darling of pop has struck again in this follow up to last year’s EP, ‘February 15’.

That sweet lullaby NAO tone has taken a fierce turn in her newest single, as she reflects on all the mistakes she made in a relationship she is proudly walking out on.

‘We could have had it all’ NAO sings as the funky chorus marches on, as if she is strutting out the door in her brand new high heels onto pastures new.

A huge appreciation of female artists before her in Mis-Teeq, Amerie and Liberty-X are also unmistakable to hear.

It would also not be a leap to think perhaps Mura Masa had a hand in the production of this track.

As the pair showed on ‘Firefly’ from Mura Masa’s EP ‘Someday Somewhere’ in 2015, when they get together, it’s sonic heaven for all of us.

‘Fool To Love’ is the truest expression of how everyone feels after getting out of a bad relationship.

To anyone going through hard times right now, just get this tune on repeat and within no time you’ll be saying ‘I was a fool to love you’, forgetting about the past and just living in the present, the way you always should.