How to Choose the Best Recording Studio for your Band

With DIY bands all too often confined to tight budgets, sounding out inexpensive recording studios and engineers boasting an impressive show reel, tech spec and production experience is notoriously difficult.

Typically those recording studios that have previous experience working with renowned artists often command a high fee for their services.

If you’re keen to take your music to the masses then you cannot afford to neglect the quality of your production. It is imperative that the production style of the engineer not only serves to complement your style but also is able to truly showcase your musical talents.

On the contrary, if you’re more of a casual musician whose looking to play an occasional local gig then a basic, more inexpensive recording studio is likely to suit your needs better. Assuming your meets the required standard, a competent and low-cost recording studio should be sufficient enough for booking small local shows. Therefore, your aims as a musician will ultimately influence your choice of recording studio.

When choosing a suitable recording studio, never chose the one you find first. Do your research, listen to their portfolio and read reviews on each.

Usually there is a trade-off between the amount of time allocated for each track and the quality of the final product. If you compromise the amount of time spent in a recording studio in an effort to save money, then the quality of your final recordings is likely to suffer as a result.

Rather than rushing through a song in one day, spending a solid 3 or 4 days on one song will give you plenty of time to refine how each track is captured and mastered, and should produce a higher quality recording at the end of the process.

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