Tracks in the Field: Courts – True Say

Summer has just about arrived, the airwaves are gradually becoming filled with the same five radio smashes and we could do desperately with a worthy escape from the handpicked favourites of the upcoming festival season. Thankfully, Essex five-piece, Courts, could act as the saviour with their latest single, True Say.

Tracks in the Field: NAO – Fool To Love

Annie Mac’s new Hottest Record in the World is the only compliment that can befit NAO’s glitch hop inspired pop nugget, Fool To Love.

The would be darling of pop music has struck again in this follow up to last year’s EP, ‘February 15’.

That sweet lullaby voice has taken a fierce turn in NAO’s newest single, as she reflects on all the mistakes she made in a relationship she is proudly walking out on.

Tracks in the Field: Courts – Wanna Be High

After ‘Part of’ was Zane Lowe’s last hype track before leaving Radio One, COURTS spat out another ballsy gem called ‘Wanna Be High’. This is a song with a big ol’ heavy beat and some more delicate guitar work that really does make you want to walk forever through a kaleidoscopic roach. The Jamie-T-esque vocals are full of honesty and nostalgia, and with lines like THC taught me more than GCSEs, the Basildon boys tell a story that lives up to the expectations of the song’s title.

Tracks in the Field: Tame Impala – Reality in Motion

Where Lonerism was a masterpiece about the journey can go through when heading home after a party, the topic being brought into question now is the party itself. After a break-up, working with Mark Ronson and taking mushrooms whilst driving through LA listening to The Bee Gees, Kevin Parker has been pretty open about what his aim was with third LP Currents.

These days Kevin is considered somewhat a connoisseur of the synthesiser, and the opening synth sequence on Reality in Motion is what I imagine would be blasted out at an NBA game if the speakers were stoned.