The Best Way to Order Your Pedalboard

Touring musicians regularly struggle to establish the ‘right’ way to order their pedalboard and if you are anything like me, you can be borderline obsessive with making sure your board is set up exactly right.

The truth is there is no ‘right’ way, but there is a definitely a best way.

Pedalboards – Why All Guitarists Should Care

I’m sure I’m not the only one who goes to see a band or hears a song and obsesses over how on Earth the guitarist managed to create that insane tone, or with just one chord sent my mind flying into a whole other dimension. As a guitar player, pedalboards are beautiful things. That colourful collection of little metal boxes at your feet can be a gateway to a new sound that is synonymous with you and only you… If you do it right.

Digital Technology – An Analogue Among Other Things

Since its arrival, digital technology has had a profound effect on the way audiences and artists alike feel about music.

It has given rise to downloads, inexpensive home set ups and thus a vast plethora of new artists grasping – with ease, emulation technology mimicking hardware only found in a spacious gulf of few-and-far-between studios across the globe, comparative to how accessible it is to so many people nowadays, which although convenient, is definitely lacking in the ambience and warmth of analogue.