Search for Local Band Rehearsal Spaces with Musician Go

There are many monetary costs associated with being a musician, and finding an affordable rehearsal space is certainly one of them. It can be hard to find a well-located, spacious practice room with a quality backline that doesn’t have to break your band’s collective bank each time your rehearse.

Find a Local Musical Instrument Repairer with Musician Go

Our musical instruments are our pride and joy, so it can be devastating when they suffer damage or break.

For this reason, musicians are often reluctant to hand over their beloved instruments to a repairer without an endorsement from a fellow musician beforehand.

How Musicians Make Revenue in 2016

Most musicians feel that if they focus on creating good musical content and developing their craft, everything else will come along naturally. However, musicians too often neglect the business aspect of the industry. If you want build a professional career as a musician, you need to know how to make money to support a stable lifestyle.