Tracks in the Field: Courts – Wanna Be High

After ‘Part of’ was Zane Lowe’s last hype track before leaving Radio One, COURTS spat out another ballsy gem called ‘Wanna Be High’. This is a song with a big ol’ heavy beat and some more delicate guitar work that really does make you want to walk forever through a kaleidoscopic roach. The Jamie-T-esque vocals are full of honesty and nostalgia, and with lines like THC taught me more than GCSEs, the Basildon boys tell a story that lives up to the expectations of the song’s title.

What Music Means to Me

To me and quite a few others who make it tend to feel it is an other language. Sounds that resonate in basically the same way with our emotions, if not more intensely, than that of just regular chit chat. Music tends to inspire thoughts, emotions and dancing, even if people aren’t too sure where some of the ridiculous moves come from. That undeniable urge to dance comes from those phat beats, thumping bass and/or face melting riffage. This language takes over those who enjoy it, it immerses us, awakens us and satisfies our mental AND physical health.

Tracks in the Field: Tame Impala – Reality in Motion

Where Lonerism was a masterpiece about the journey can go through when heading home after a party, the topic being brought into question now is the party itself. After a break-up, working with Mark Ronson and taking mushrooms whilst driving through LA listening to The Bee Gees, Kevin Parker has been pretty open about what his aim was with third LP Currents.

These days Kevin is considered somewhat a connoisseur of the synthesiser, and the opening synth sequence on Reality in Motion is what I imagine would be blasted out at an NBA game if the speakers were stoned.

New Year’s Resolutions: Writing and Playing Music

For many of us a new calendar year signals an opportune moment to set out plans for self-improvement by identifying specific lifestyle changes we’d to make for the new year ahead. In the case of playing music, the benefits extend well beyond the thrill of unmasking your creative talents. It’s never too late to take up music, nor is it too late to renew the passion you may have once had.