Signs You Should Part with a Band Member

Most bands have the same intention: to make something amazing. While some bands are compromised of close friends that are equally passionate about music, other bands are formed by a manager hand selecting various talent. Most people are able to predict if they would be artistically compatible with another, but sometimes it can be hard to tell how well you work with someone until you actually try it.

If you decide you are ready to take your band to the next level, you need to make sure that all of your band members are on the same page. Being a band member is serious responsibility and if one of your members is not carrying their weight, it may be time to remove them from the group. You do not want one person to hold you back from obtaining success.

Here are a few serious reasons to remove a band member:

Reoccurring and Excessive Personal Conflicts

Conflicts and barriers are inevitable. Everyone has problems and responsibilities. The older you get, the more commitments you have. Conflicts can become more prominent. However, some people can let their personal conflicts get in the way of their creative process.

If you have one member that seems to regularly let themselves get interrupted by external issues, it might mean their head is not in the right place. No one wants to stop a band practice to listen to their band member argue with their girlfriend. If you want to be successful, make sure you are surrounded by a group of focused and dedicated musicians.

A Lack of Dedication

It is important that all of the members of your band are committed to your common goal. Sometimes, some members of the band can be more committed than others.

If there is a member that is constantly showing up late, taking too many phone calls, or regularly appear disinterested, it is evident that their head is not in the game.


It is common knowledge that many musicians love to party. Many music artists use drug use as creative inspiration or to help their energy on stage.

There is nothing wrong with controlled, small amounts of partying as long as it is safe and you are staying focused. The minute that your partying begins to distract you from your music and the band, it needs to end. If one of your band members seems to be excessively abusing drugs, they need to be kicked out of the band.

If these issues crop up all too regularly then it may be time to begin your search for a new band member.

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