ALBUM REVIEW: Royal Blood – How Did We Get So Dark?

When you are a bass and drums two-piece, it is obviously not a simple to develop and provide something different on a project the second time of asking.

Royal Blood came out in 2014 with their own brand of trucker rock, to a sea of praise that sent the Brighton duo flying up the billboard and festival stage lists.


The most media hyped album in R&B right now has finally emerged and this early in the calendar it is of course impossible to crown SZA the queen of the genre, but it is possible for her to stake a claim.

DISCOVER: Nottingham – Michael King, Foule

The final issue of this week’s DISCOVER brings us to Foule, the Nottingham trio, oozing kaleidoscopic tones, hypnotising repeated guitar lines and melodies that will make you drift deeper and deeper into their developing discography like Brian Griffin on a come up. There’s something for everyone from this Nottingham band, who are already establishing themselves at the top of the bill on the city’s club night scene.

DISCOVER: Nottingham – Bram Bancroft, Vega Bay

In this week’s second deep dive into Nottingham’s burgeoning music scene, we are lifting the lid on the city’s developing Indie rockers, Vega Bay. Made up of four teens, the young outfit are establishing a style, which mixes a plethora of influences from Mac Demarco, The Drums and The Smiths.

DISCOVER: Nottingham – Maddy Chamberlain, Cherry Hex and the Dream Church

Cherry Hex and the Dream Church have been making waves in Nottingham for the last 18 months with their now signature style of half time 808s, live bass and ritualistic vocal melodies… Oh, and a glockenspiel (For those unsure what one, it’s that awesome thing you hit with mallets that looked a bit like the keys of a piano when you were a kid). Sam Drury felt it was time to find out more about Cherry Hex, off the record.

The Best Way to Order Your Pedalboard

Touring musicians regularly struggle to establish the ‘right’ way to order their pedalboard and if you are anything like me, you can be borderline obsessive with making sure your board is set up exactly right.

The truth is there is no ‘right’ way, but there is a definitely a best way.

ALBUM REVIEW: James Blake – The Colour In Anything

James Blake’s surprise album ‘The Colour In Anything’ is yet another triumph from the Enfield producer that, just like ‘Overgrown’ before it, surely will be the answer to fashion brand, All Saints’ summer playlist troubles.

Pedalboards – Why All Guitarists Should Care

I’m sure I’m not the only one who goes to see a band or hears a song and obsesses over how on Earth the guitarist managed to create that insane tone, or with just one chord sent my mind flying into a whole other dimension. As a guitar player, pedalboards are beautiful things. That colourful collection of little metal boxes at your feet can be a gateway to a new sound that is synonymous with you and only you… If you do it right.

ALBUM REVIEW: The 1975 – I Like It When You Sleep…

The 1975 have at last dropped their new album with a name so long it would just about qualify as a Fall Out Boy song title.

I congratulate anyone who can name it word for word without checking.

The synth pop rockers’ frontman Matt Healy welcomes you into a deep deconstruction of his faults, issues and longing just to be loved by that person who really matters most.