DISCOVER: Nottingham – Michael King, Foule

The final issue of this week’s DISCOVER brings us to Foule, the Nottingham trio, oozing kaleidoscopic tones, hypnotising repeated guitar lines and melodies that will make you drift deeper and deeper into their developing discography like Brian Griffin on a come up.

There’s something for everyone from this Nottingham band, who are already establishing themselves at the top of the bill on the city’s club night scene.

Like Vega Bay in yesterday’s issue, Foule grab influences from many places.

Their most mature track, I’m in, is a prime example of that fact.

Another example from the new generation of psych bands using the classic broken chord picking pattern, laced with EHX Small Clone.

The hook of this track, a simple statement lyrically, ‘I’m in love’, laid over the sharp descent from the C#min7, accented by a tight hi-hat catches, flowing into a half-time chorus.

The hanging unresolved chords, touched with reverb with sinister aid from the decaying analog delay are also reminiscent of Abram Shook’s 2015 track, Vessel, for their raw live nature.

Foule’s new single, Finger Trap recently arrived in May and is an encouraging sign for the band in the future, listen to it below:

Sam Drury hooked up with Foule to ask some more pointless questions in the hope of entertaining answers (never in doubt) from this week’s final interviewee, drummer, Michael King:

Michael King, Foule

The poster on your wall as a kid?

I think I had a Led Zeppelin poster surrounded by pictures of Scott Parker.

First CD you ever bought?

I bought By The Way by Red Hot Chili Peppers on my seventh birthday.

Best band in your city currently?

Aside from us? Soft Girls and Boys Club

Most important piece of gear you own?

My ride cymbal

Do you have any strange pre-show rituals?

KFC, every time.

Most used app on your phone?

Meme creator

Any special talents?

I can slam dunk

What scares you most?


What is in your pockets right now?

Fruit Salad Chewits

If you could only listen to three albums for the rest of your life, what would they be?

Jeff BuckleyGrace

The VerveUrban Hymns

The BeatlesAbbey Road

Dead or alive, dream headline show: Dream line up and venue?

Warm up with Al Green, Jeff Buckley main support and Led Zeppelin headlining at Brixton Academy.

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