What Music Means to Me

To me and quite a few others who make it tend to feel it is an other language. Sounds that resonate in basically the same way with our emotions, if not more intensely, than that of just regular chit chat. Music tends to inspire thoughts, emotions and dancing, even if people aren’t too sure where some of the ridiculous moves come from. That undeniable urge to dance comes from those phat beats, thumping bass and/or face melting riffage. This language takes over those who enjoy it, it immerses us, awakens us and satisfies our mental AND physical health. An Oxford University study shows that our heart rate increases and blood pressure lowers when in the grips of sweet vibrations. A DJ really might have saved your life, Indeed.

I know one thing for sure and that is music makes me feel more love, connected, wise, nourished and alive.

So here’s what I’m getting at, internet dweller, music seems to be a purer and less disguised medium for our feelings. Even if the tune isn’t our own our favourite songs can tell us things about ourselves, help us delve into our souls and others souls. What an amazing thing aye!

Where does this beautiful substance come from though?

It is true, if there is no ear to hear the sounds then there is no ‘sound’ as it were, but there’s more to sound than just what frequency is available to our ears. The vibrations that are the sound would still be there and there are many around us all the time being created by lots of different guff. Examples of this guff could be various signals, Ant language and dog whistles. There’s pollution too isn’t there, air conditioners, alarms, verbal diarrhea or nauseating Lady Gaga on mainstream radio, but all the same, something has to create the vibrations doesn’t it. *side note: Lady Gaga should shut her fu-fu-fu-fucking face!*

So, the people making the music, what makes them make the music?

I’ve heard divided opinions and approaches to songwriting, one side is that the music plays you and the other that you compose the music within parameters. Life works differently for each of us. Sometimes it’s storytelling, sometimes it’s ‘poetic rambling’, whatever it be, it comes from a vital place within people and from that place the music seems to be creating itself out of you.

This place then, it’s not the spleen or stomach or heart, and little of it if you ask a hippie is the brain. ‘It’s the cosmic waves maaaan’. It’s quite entertaining in this instance to follow the notion that all matter is made from vibration, this vibration then of course makes up your atoms which make up your molecules, then cells, then parts, then you. When the hippies talk about cosmic waves they’re talking about these vibrations and these things in theory make up the soul. People say music comes from the soul, how about the soul is music and you come from it?
If this is the case, my pedigree chums, music is you in the instance of it being created.