The Art of Improvisation

Improvisation can be a brilliant idea which frees the mind and, in the case of music, allows you to hear and enjoy the sounds for the very first time – just like the audience. To me it feels like a more instant and raw expression, the kind of organic process my hippie wanker soul craves. It’s the way a lot of songs are written too. It crunches the rigid boundaries set by square killjoys who love a rule book of verse, chorus, verse…

What Music Means to Me

To me and quite a few others who make it tend to feel it is an other language. Sounds that resonate in basically the same way with our emotions, if not more intensely, than that of just regular chit chat. Music tends to inspire thoughts, emotions and dancing, even if people aren’t too sure where some of the ridiculous moves come from. That undeniable urge to dance comes from those phat beats, thumping bass and/or face melting riffage. This language takes over those who enjoy it, it immerses us, awakens us and satisfies our mental AND physical health.