Tracks in the Field: NAO – Fool To Love

Annie Mac’s new Hottest Record in the World is the only compliment that can befit NAO’s glitch hop inspired pop nugget, Fool To Love.

The would be darling of pop music has struck again in this follow up to last year’s EP, ‘February 15’.

That sweet lullaby voice has taken a fierce turn in NAO’s newest single, as she reflects on all the mistakes she made in a relationship she is proudly walking out on.

Drake signs with Boy Better Know: A new era in British hip-hop?

After months of speculation surrounding a tattoo and a surprise London appearance, Skepta has confirmed Drake is ‘the first Canadian signed to Boy Better Know (BBK)’.

The British underground grime collective and label, headed up by the Adenuga brothers, Skepta and JME is finally peering out of the dark clubs of London from the shadow of Police form 696.

LIVE REVIEW: Youth Club – Bodega, Nottingham

TROPICAL Pop quartet Youth Club kicked off their first UK headline tour in style, shimmering in the purple hue of Nottingham’s Bodega lights. The energy of their performance pulsated from the stage as if every pound of each member’s foot had shaken the audience into living.

Illegally Downloading The Life of Pablo – Yeezy Made Me Do It

BEING possibly the most hotly anticipated album of the decade by certainly the most controversial artist of the millennium, I just couldn’t wait for The Life of Pablo by Kanye West to be available to buy in stores. But it seems that day is still a long time away, so I have had no choice to but to download it illegally. Mr. West, sue me.